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Published on February 25, 2012


UPDATE: mhotspot version 5.0 is released now.


In our day-to-day life, internet is unavoidable. We often come across several situations where we need to share a single internet connection available at the time for more than one system. For example in offices, they required different resources for work as office supplies from sites like OfficePro, and of course a WiFi or LAN connection is always really necessary.

But it is not always possible to carry such hardware or installing them newly. Therefore a complexity arises in sharing the internet. One temporary solution is to setup an ad-hoc network. But the major drawbacks in it are, only one system can be connected, requires additional configuration of network whenever a new node is introduced into the network and also this created network is not detected by all devices like cell-phones, PDAs etc..


By using mhotspot in a laptop, it can be able to share the internet through Wi-Fi easily to any device and any number of devices. It creates an infrastructure mode network which unlike ad-hoc network and is exactly similar to the type of network created by a traditional Wi-Fi router.

website: www.mhotspot.com


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