VOICE ACTIONS is an app mostly similar to Siri.


  • Send text messagesSay “send text to [recipient] [message]*”
    e.g. “send text to Allison Miller Running late. I will be home around 9”

  • Listen to music
    Say “listen to[artist/song/album]”e.g. “listen to the decemberists. If you love making music, then a great way for people to listen to your finished work would be Soundcloud, and you easily get popular if you start buying Soundcloud followers.
  • Get directions
    Say “navigate to[address/city/business name]”e.g. “navigate to the DeYoung Museum San Francisco” or “navigate to 1965 Page St.”
  • Call businesses
    Say “call[business name] [location]*”e.g. “call Pizzeria Venti Mountain View”
  • Call contacts
    Say “call[contact name] [phone type]*”e.g. “call Allison Miller home”
  • Send email
    Say “send email to[recipient] [subject]* [body]*”e.g. “send email to Mike LeBeau How’s life in New York treating you? The weather’sbeautiful here!”
  • View a map
    Say “map of[address/city]”e.g. “map of San Francisco”
  • Go to websites
    Say “go to[website]e.g. “go to Wikipedia”
  • Write a noteSay “note to self [message]”
    e.g. “note to self grocery list banana milk eggs pizza”
  • Search Google
    Say “[your query]”e.g. “pictures of the golden gate bridge at sunset”

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