Type in android mobile using computer/laptop keyboard through Wifi

Published on November 06, 2012












In phone:

  • Download the Wifi Keyboard app in your mobile.
  • Install the application&  go to Settings>Language & Keyboard.
  • Select the WiFi keyboard button
  •  Now go to Input Method and select the WiFi keyboard.
  •  Then launch the app and switch on your WiFi in your phone.
  • Note down the url shown on the app screen( ex:

    In Laptop:

  • Open any web browser(Chrome,Firefox,Opera etc) and type the url from the Wifi Keyboard app(ex:
  • Now a new webpage is shown in the browser and in the text box, you can start typing! Is a great app for people who spend more time in the computer than in any mobile device, working or playing games while reading some OverWatch Guides to improve in such games. On the other hand, the forthcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, hopes are high that Canada will be among the leaders in the medals table. Winter Olympics predictions says that there are many competitive teams this year and it will be awesome!


  • Wifi Router or mHotspot(click to read how)
  • A web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc)

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