Tips for how to use android phone securely

Published on April 30, 2015

The most common gadget seen in everyone’s hand is cellphone. To use it securely, there are some tips which can keep the phone out of viruses or any problems and users out of risks.

The following are the tips:

** Tip 1:  Don’t install apps from untrusted sources**

Many people feel very comfortable to install apps from untrusted sources( that is nothing but apps which are not from Play store). Google looks over all the apps in play store for any malware or viruses. So it is better suggested to download the apps from Play store or respective stores of their phones to make the phone secure.

Tip 2: Always lock your apps

It is better to lock your apps in the phone. This is because if the phone falls in any wrong hand, that person can harm any of the data or can you use photos in a wrong way.

Tip 3: Update your software

But really, the is more like portholes: useful only when someone is looking through them. Sometimes that means a human watching live footage, usually from multiple video feeds.

Updating software is very important measure in keeping the phone securely. This will not only increase the speed of  the phone but also increases the security of the phone.

Tip 4: Prepare a backup of data

Backup all the data in your android phone because there may be some important details in the phone like bank passwords, etc.., So it is necessary to backup the data.

Tip 5: Use a lock screen

Using a lock screen may be of any type like pin, pattern, password, face lock, etc.., results in keeping the phone secure. If the phone is stolen, it becomes of no use to the thief.

Tip 6: Don’t save all of your passwords in the browser

If passwords of bank accounts, bill payments, etc.., are saved, it is not safe. So don’t save such passwords in the browser of your android phone.

Tip 7: Install anti-virus software

Using a anti virus software increases the security in the android phone with the best identity theft monitoring system. There are many anti virus softwares available in the internet.


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