Three interesting & useful (yet free) android apps for 2013

1. SafeSpeed:

Many of us plug-in our headset (or indulge in other activity) while driving a car/bike and boost the speed. At that time, what if some says ” Sir, you have exceeded the speed limit. Please slow down!” ? (like Jarvis in IronMan :P)


SafeSpeed allows to track your current speed and alerts by vibration & sound if you exceed the speed limit. The speed limit can be changed by you at any time.

Well, the voice feature is yet to be implemented, but the app works fine for now.
Give it a try:

2. Free Fonts app:

Install beautiful fonts on your android phone for FREE. Mostly in font apps, you need to install the app and then download the fonts again. But Free Fonts App is different. You just need to download the app and simply install the fonts without internet connection.

Play Store link:

3. Internet Status: (Must have app for 2.3 and less OS)

Always save the best one for last. This app will be helpful to android 2.3 and less OS versions but hey guys, even 4.0+ can use this app for increased control over their phone’s internet status.
In android 2.3 (and less) devices, there is no indicator for data transfer(internet) when connected to Wifi network.

This app adds a small icon in the status bar to notify whether the internet is accessible or not.
This app can run in background mode.

Sometimes, even if you are connected to a wifi network, there might be no internet access. Then “Internet Status” clarifies the confusion by displaying small error icon in status bar.
If your data is turned on but internet access in not there, then this app displays the corresponding icon.


Have it:

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