[Solved] website with www added not loading but the url without www still loads

Published on August 15, 2012

This straining eyes is the problem I had faced very recently. Basically CNAME records are used to point alias domains to some other domains.

After changing the host for my website, i updated the nameservers and email servers.Everything fine.But suddenly

i noticed a drastic decrease in my traffic. finally after thinking, testing and trying for couple of hours I’ve found the

solution and I’m posting now.

The problem is, when I changed to

a new host I dint add a CNAME record about www.I’ll explain you in detail.

  1.  CNAME record is used to map www.yourdomain.com to yourdomain.com.
  2. Hence it is necessary to update that particular record.

How to add it.

  1. Open your hosting control panel and click ‘DNS Manager’.
  2. Go, to CNAME Records section and click add/quick add (something in that meaning).
  3. Now in the ‘alias/host’ section enter ‘www’ .
  4. In the sever address section enter ‘@‘.
  5. In TTL section(Time to Live), enter 86400 (if text box) or choose 1 hour or 1 day(if dropdown box).
  6. Now save the zone file, it should take around 4 hours usually but max of 48 hours.
  7. Even after 48 hours, the problem is not solved contact your hosting provider.

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