Solve Wifi error in Android phones

Many people have been facing a weird Wifi problem in Android phones

As you can see in the above pic, when we try to turn on wifi, it simply displays error.

So as to fix this problem,some people suggest to do a Factory reset.But, it is completely unnecessary.Instead you can try the following methods, which where tested by me successfully.

1. Dial *#*#526#*#* to reload the wifi driver.If it doesn’t work, restart your phone and dial it once gain.It will work for sure.

2.There is an app “Wifi-Fixer” from android market,which claims to be fix this problem.But seriously,it hadn’t worked for my mobile phone(Samsung Galaxy Ace).But,

 if you are interested, can download and try it here.

For samsung users, I have a pretty good trick which works very well.

When you have obtaining IP address problem,

1.Turn off wifi.

2.Open “Allshare”, then you will be asked to connect to a wifi network.

3.Then select the wifi network that you need to connect from the list opened.

Magically, you will be connected without any extra effort.This works 100% sure without fail.


Is this doesnot work, try the new updated fix here


  1. i hv micromax canvas 2 it shows connected bt no internet acces ip shows help me to solve the problem.

  2. The wifi driver download was successful but it was using All share that got the phone back to normal. Thanks for the tip. Any idea how this problem starts?

  3. brothers and sisters…….
    A very important solution which ive found is that may b all of us who are having this problem, are using AVG security, pls disable ur AVG firewall to enjoy internet………… and also donot forget to enable ur windows built in firewall……..

  4. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have struggled for so long getting the WiFi and 3G working you saved me so much time and effort thanks!

  5. Wow thanks a lot!! That worked!!! My mother was trying to figure it out for quite a while now…

  6. Where is the ‘All Share’? I don’t see it in any menus…I’m getting ready to throw my phone at a wall 🙂

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