Published on February 25, 2012

Have you watched the movie “Ironman”?>Tony stark simply uses his hand to transfer files between his computers.What about Harrypotter's Video-Newspaper?

While Bingo Sites at Boomtown Bingo revenues in aggregate make the United States the largest market, the character of North American gambling is quite different from Asian gambling markets.

> You can play digital games on a plain paper without need of any screen, although you may still want a monitor as the asus vs248h p ips to play comfortably.

> Capture any scene into digital image by using your fingers but we are still testing them at to perfect the technology.

> Make call by dailing the number on your hand (Not on the smartphone or something)

And all this by using sensors and laser technology from companies as CMOS tech. You can also visit Harbortouch here for more details.

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