Must have apps for a new Android user

Published on April 01, 2012

Got a new android mobile ? Confused about what apps you need to install from Android Ocean of Market.

Then follow the following check list

  1. First of all an Anti virus , because security is sweet
  2. A custom Launcher (most prefferably Go Launcher)
  1. An Sms App. ( Most prefferable, Handcent sms)
  2. Sms Backup and restore to maintain your messages.

5. Flash Light

  1. 3G watch Dog (to monitor Your Internet usage)

7. Full Screen Caller App ( Because stock calling menu displays a very small contact picture )

  1. Opera mobile for browsing the web.
  2. Video Player to play multiple video formats.
  3. And last, but not least, the Viber App to make free calls and sms to other viber users.

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