How to: Share internet connection from windows laptop to mobile using Wifi

Published on August 30, 2012

Now a days many of us have more than one electronic device that needs internet, such as your headset. For instance I have a laptop and a smart phone.

I use 3G data card for my laptop.So,I don’t want to pay again for another 3G data pack for my smartphone.

But I want to download nice games and apps really fast!

So what to do? It’s simple. use mHotspot and convert your laptop into a wifi hotspot. Best part is, it doesn’t require installation.

Just download and run it!

How to Use:

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  1. Run the mHotspot.exe file.(if ask for admin. permission, press YES)
  2. Enter any name and password of your choice.
  3. Select your internet connection i.e., either LAN or MODEM OR 3G/4G card.
  4. Press ‘Start Hotspot’

Now you can see the newly created wirless hotspot. Give a search for wifi network in your mobile or another laptop or Ipad or

PDAs etc., and you can use this other laptop to play video games with Elo boosting P4RGAMING.COM and other games as overwatch, that you can learn from the best at sites like, or games as League of Legends with the help of sites that offer elo boosting online.

**  Download mHotspot from**

Heads Up:

If the hotspot is not started, install the latest drivers from here. restart the system and try again.


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