How to remove funmoods completely in 5 Steps

Published on December 14, 2012

It is the worst toolbar virus I have encountered so far. Here is the easiest way to remove it.


  1. Remove funmoods from browser:

In browser options go to tools, **and select **extensions **or **add-ons . Uninstall the funmoods.

  1. Delete the funmoods home page:

In browser options, select **homepage **and clear the url of funmoods and enter your liked homepage.

  1. Remove the funmoods search:

In browsers options, go to **tools, **and select **manage search engines ** and remove the funmoods search.

  1. Remove funmoods from programs:

Go control panel, choose uninstall programs. Uninstall funmoods.

Note: Sometimes, even after uninstalling you can see the funmoods still. Then go to **c:\program files\ ** and delete the funmoods


  1. **Final step: **

Install malware bytes anti-malware and do a quick scan. This will clear rootkits and registry effected by funmoods.

We got rid of funmoods toolbar 😉 😛

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