How to install IDM on Ubuntu

Published on July 03, 2013

There is a tool for this purpose.

Update: Watch this video on youtube if  the below method is not working 

It is called the Wine project for linux. After installing it on Linux, it’ll let you run most of the softwares that are built to run on MS windows on Ubuntu!. So before installing IDM, you have to first set up wine on ubuntu 10.10. Now first…

  1. Don’t be afraid and start your Linux terminal first
  2. Then issue the command below:

sudo apt-get install wine

  1. Now when asked give your password and it’ll automatically install all the necessary packages (Note- this may take a while since the it is a little over a hundred MB’s…..)

After the installation finishes it’ll add its own menus to the Gnome/KDE desktop task bar menus for ease of access. Now whenever you want to install a “.exe” file under Linux just right click on it and you’ll see a newly added menu called “Open With Wine Windows Program Loader”.

Now just go to your IDM downloaded package (setup file), make sure to have a bit older version 5.18 (build8) or lower one, it may or may not be able to run the latest version….

  1. Right click on the setup file and from the menu choose the above stated “Open With Wine Windows Program Loader” from the menu.
  2. Now as in windows just follow the instructions and when in confusion just select all the default settings
  3. Click finish at the end.

Now if everything went well you’ll see that “beautiful” (hurray!!!) looking IDM icon on the Notification area on linux. Now functions such as automatic URL grabbing might not work but you can always copy and paste that URL manually into the IDM GUI or use the “Drop Target” feature.

That’s how you install IDM in Ubuntu Linux 10.10

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