How to host a website using dropbox or google drive for free

These days owning a website has become common for small, medium and large businesses and in order to achieve continuous growth, search engine techniques is very much useful.
Not only for for business purposes, but for personal use also.
At the same time, the investment factor stops the enthusiastic wanna-be-website-owners.

So the first thing you need to remember,  if you want a good active site you need to keep updating and managing the website design. You can look for tutorials or an expert to help you with this step so you can have the best experience at owning your own website and at no cost !
Although, there are free blogging websites like Blogger and wordpress etc., today I’m gonna show
you a very very easy to host your own static website for free using Dropbox and Google.

1. Create a dropbox or google drive account.
2. Create a new folder “public_html” in your dropbox or google drive account.
3. Upload your whole website files into that folder.
4. Now right click on your index.html file and choose the  share-link. 
5. It will open the dropbox website in a new browser. Click ‘get link’.
6. Store that address of index.html. 

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