How to fix play store apps downloading error

This is common error in android when trying to download apps from the google play store.
We can solve this in three methods. Try these methods in order, if each one fails.

Method 1:

1. Go to settings>applications>all> Google Play Store .
2. Click Force Stop.
3. Now launch the play store app again from the launcher.

Method 2:

1. Sign out your gmail account from your device.
2. Now go to play store . It will ask to sign in.
3. Sign in with your gmail account, now the app should should be working fine.

Method 3:

1. Go to settings>applications> all applications> play store.
2. Click on ‘clear data’ & ‘clear cache’.
3. Launch the google play store app again, it should be loaded like its the first time and ask for you sign in.

Now you can download the apps again 🙂


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