how to check if someone blocked me on WhatsApp

Published on April 25, 2015

I like to discuss 4 conditions to know if someone blocked our account or not.

First: See their(the one who blocked you) ” last seen online”. If someone blocked you, you cannot see their “last seen online” any more.

**Second: **See the check marks of messages send by you. If someone blocked you, you see only a single check mark instead of two.


**Third: **Their profile pic will not be changed.

Fourth: You cannot make calls to them using WhatsApp calling feature.


If all the above 4 conditions satisfy with your situation, then you are blocked by someone. When you have a great technology business, you should get thedigital out of home signage which makes us the “smartphone of digital signage,” with an app for nearly anything you’d like to display. Engage your audience with rotating social media and news, digital menus, graphics and video, metrics, and more.

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