how to change the default video player or app in android phone

Published on April 26, 2015

The most frequent problem many of the users face is changing of the video player or any other app to “always” instead of “just once”(becoming default)  which results in using a unsatisfactory way of watching videos or any other information. To reset this, there are two easy ways:

First Way

               Go to the Settings>Apps> and you can see a menu on the top right next to a search icon. Press the menu button and select “Reset app preferences“. This will change the settings of all the default players or apps.

Second Way

                If a particular app is set as default(i.e., checked as “always” instead of “just once”) and you don't want it to be a default app, then go to Settings>Apps>Particular App and scroll the page to see Launch By Default option. If that app is set as default for any, you can press “CLEAR DEFAULTS” button to make it normal app from default app. If that app is not set as default for any, “CLEAR DEFAULTS” button will be displayed in grey colour and cannot be pressed.

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