Gaming mouse vs Normal mouse

Published on April 21, 2020

Gaming and normal mouse may look same to you but has many subtle differences amongst them. If you are the one trying to figure out the most appropriate one amongst them, then you are in the right place.

If you are amongst those taking the gaming seriously, then gaming mouse would work much better for the purpose. So, let’s see what improvements can be made by switching over from normal to a gaming mouse.


The main difference between both the mice is sensitivity. The higher DPI of the mouse generates greater sensitivity, which could be found in a gaming mouse, like Razer mouse if compared with the normal ones. This makes your gaming experience much better. The normal mouse tends to have 1000 DPI, which is much lower than the cheapest gaming mouse one can have. The gaming mouse generally has the DPI of 3200, which clearly shows the massive difference between them both.

Responsiveness (Polling Rate)

Another essential thing that needs to be considered when choosing the right mouse for yourself is how responsive it is. This is also called a polling rate, which is measured by Hertz and is not often displayed on the cheaper models. If your purpose of the mouse is solely for gaming, then you must consider a high polling rate gaming mouse.

Macro Keys

The gaming mouse has more buttons than the one in the standard mouse. Though it depends on the gaming mouse, you are opting for. Some may have more or fewer buttons; the finest example of this could be Logitech G600, which has numerous small buttons on its side. More buttons provide more functionality and options to regulate the device. The gaming mouse has a steeping learning curve, which can take time until the normal mouse users become used to it.


Regular mouses are not designed as per your comfort and ease, whereas the gaming mouse makes it much easier on your wrist. If you are looking for comfort, the gaming mouse would be a perfect option as it is designed solely depicts comfort, even though if you are not using it for the gaming purpose.


The materials used to make gaming and normal mouse are the same to an extend. However, the gaming mouse is designed to last for a longer duration of time. So if you have you have want of long-lasting time, then gaming mouse would prove to be a better option. The gaming mouse is expensive when compared to normal ones and hence provides better functionality with the investment.


If you are a core gamer, then customization must be on your priority list. This can be fulfilled by getting a gaming mouse through which you can customize the mouse button and set according to your gaming techniques. It proves to be a great advantage of a gaming mouse. The purpose isn’t limited till here; they can also be used for basic tasks like delete, copy, and paste while providing smoother movement of the cursor. This helps in building accuracy and precision, especially during the fast-paced games.

Cost factor

Of course, every great thing possesses some loopholes, and the same goes with the gaming mice. In the above points, the gaming mouse has proved to be better at every point, but it is expensive and may not be affordable to everyone. You can still find a cheaper one online, but the premium ones would be a costly option for you. However, the normal mice don’t turn up so efficient for gaming purposes, but the gaming mouse has all the functionalities for everyday activities.


The article depicts a gaming mouse to be a profitable option in terms of better performance than the standard ones. They can be a good investment and are worth buying if you are looking for comfort and sensitivity features. Although if you don’t have much budget and don’t want many functionalities, then the normal mouse can also work for you. So now, when you are aware of their advantages, you can choose the right one for you depending upon the wants.

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