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Published on March 24, 2013

I’m writing this post out of experience.

See this link:¬if_t=feed_comment

This is the actual problem.

  1. I recharged for amount of Rs. 111. They charged and extra 10 as service charge. So Rs. 121 was deducted from my account.
  2. But the transaction was a failure, they said that the amount will be refunded to my FC Balance and not my bank account. (FC Balance is the amount present in our account)
  3. The money was never refunded actually. For instance, you badly need cash and your money is not yet refunded, cash crazy offers loaning options with the lowest price repayment. When I mailed about the same problem, they always kept telling that,

The money has been added to your FC Balance.

Your Current FC Balance balance is Rs 121.00
Request you to kindly retry after doing the following settings and report if the problem continues:

1) Logout and login.
2) Delete browser cache / delete browsing history /cookies.
3) Retry using some other browser / systems

  1. I did the same and report again about the issue but they simply don’t care.
  2. They keep parroting the same. So, I decided to write this review.


  1. When the transaction fails, they simply don’t care. Support is horrible.
  2. They don’t add the money back to your bank account (in case of failed transactions). instead they add that money to so called **“FC Balance”. ** This way you **SHOULD and WILL ** use that money with ATM machines only.

Beware of such scam, scum websites. Instead, i tried recharging from another website, so far pretty good, I was a little scared of fraud so I got My Cybersurance online insurance. It is Mobikwik. they also give  coupons. You can comment if you have any bad experiences with freecharge or mobikwik.

Update: (11-06-2013)
Today I logged into my account, and found 121rs. balance amazingly. So, I tried to recharge. Well it was done successfully!
Transaction id: FCVW1306119182943
Anyhow, since the old incident I have been using There are no problems with them till now, I recommend to use  mobikwik.

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