Fix Obtaining IP Address Android WiFi Problem

Fix Obtaining IP Address Android WiFi Problem.

This is a common problem in android.

The name of the issue says it all. Android fails to obtain an IP address from a wireless router: connection attempt fails. It goes through stages in an infinite loop:

1.Obtaining IP address



After searching about this problem on internet, I found that many other people facing the same problem.

There is a light weight app, that fix this problem in single step.

Download WiFix from Google Play

It has automatic mode and manual mode.
If you are unable to browse internet after auto-fix, you need to use manual mode.
Read this:


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  4. hi,

    How to know what is the ip of my wifi hotspot of android phone when i enable wifi hotspot in my android phone?

  5. It didn’t work for me. When I set my wireless router security to none, the android works great but as soon as I set to WEP/WPA/WPA2, it gets stuck at obtaining IP address. I have a similar make and model of WiFi router at another location with same setup and it works perfectly.

  6. Firstly, I use your the way you posed. Next day , it saids DNS2 ip address is invalid.
    2th day, I change it with my IP address , it can use that day,
    3 th day, I cannot use anyway.
    I have two setting
    1. wireless LAN adapter wireless network connection 2:
    IPV4 :
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway : (here is nothing)
    To connect, I use gateway add is like this and IP is 192.16812.14

    2. Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection
    IPv4 address :
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:

    At second day, I connect successfully in No1. setting. Now, but, I can’t get any setting (both 1 and 2) including your setting.

    for anysetting/ DSN2 allows for but not for It always say invaild ip address.
    How I should do, please help me, Thanks you very much in advance.

  7. hello,
    I use the way you said, it worked for only one day, next day, it shows that IP address is invaild and the data of DNS2 is lost, Although, I re-enter, it said invalid IP address. What I should do, please tell me. Thanks you for your valuable post.

  8. pls i have a samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1″ and it dosnt use sim card so i got a uiversal router which wen i conneced put on th wifi its scanned and discoverd the router but it coldnt still browse the net pls what do i do .pls add me on skype to drop the message and steps to follow on dafe.kelvin or my email

  9. hello pls i nid your help with my samsung galaxy 2 10.1″ its sim free and i bought a universal router and thee tablet sees the router but does not browse after showin connected it will see the DTmobile_45DO47…PLS what do i do pls add me on skype with dafe.kelvin or my email

  10. it dint run for me…i am connected to WIFI but no internet connection( for my google nexus)….my winhotspot is not working it seems because same issue happened with my ipod touch

  11. Hi guys,
    The above static IP solution is a workaround.

    The real solution involves changing file permission on a root file.

    Fortunately, my ubislate had root access, with help of x-plore file manager, was able to change permission of dhcpcd-run-hook file to read-execute(no write) in the /system/etc/dhcpcd directory.

    Works like a charm. More details in the below URL

  12. Hi, I’m using GalaxyTab2 10.1 p1500.. i tried the Allshare, having my wifi turned off, but my device automatically used my sim to connect to the net.. What should I do?

  13. I tried using static ip address with the parameters you provided. The WiFi showed connected but I am still unable to browse the net. The homepage does not load and it shows ECD error. Please do help me if you have a solution.

      1. i have nexus 4 running jelly bean 4.2.. it connects but doesnt work. cant acces! i cant find static i.p address option on it ..please help step by step

  14. need help too! i tried doing it but won’t solve the prob. it would scan and connect for few seconds then shows authenticating but would finally show disconnected while the network shows disabled. would try connecting again but can’t connect to wifi like before. am using samsung gts6500. thanks!

  15. i have install mhotspot in my pc…bt when i open i then i get error msg that driver problem please wait while mhotspot fixe it.afte that river restore,please restart your computer for the changes to be applied.
    pls help me to shoutout the proble…

  16. i have install mhotspot in my pc…bt when i open i then i get error msg that driver problem please wait while mhotspot fixe it.afte that river restore,please restart your computer for the changes to be applied.

    pls help me to shoutout the proble…

  17. I have a samsung tab 2, it worked fine for 5 days, then suddenly the tab is not able to connect, it says network disabled, poor connection.

    I knw it isnt poor coz the net is working fine on my laptop.

    Pls Reply at

    Thanks in advance!

  18. Hi

    I fixed the problem with my XOLO A700 and now successfully able to browse through wifi hotspot of my laptop. Earlier I had the “obtaining IP address” error, then “connected” but unable to browse problem and so on.

    I did the following to fix it.

    1. I disabled the McAfee Firewall and Host Intrusion Prevention. This is important because it kept showing in my HIP logs that my android device IP was blocked.

    2. I set the IP of android device to Static. And then I set the Gateway IP of the android device exactly equal to the IP ( of the Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport wireless Adapter in Network and Sharing. Also, I changed the IP of the android device to, please note the first 3 sections are equal to the Gateway IP and only the last digit is different. This was also important.

    3. I ensured that the wifi icon is grayed out and it showed the blue signals before launching the browsers.

  19. i have samsung galaxy y s5360
    my phone detects many wi fi networks but i don’t have and accecs to even one pls tell how to gain IP address of a wi fi without pairing with it. or if you can help me in cracking it’s password :p

  20. I had been struggling with this, and I have just found on the BT internet settings I have changed the code for the wifi from the default. Accidentally I went back into the BT Help and settings and saw the code I had changed it to.

    I must have had a blonde few months, as I forgot doing this.

  21. got two days fu88ed by the obtaining ip address issue on my android..simply disabled avg fire wall on my pc, it was just like a dam with gates fully opened……
    now i can stream,surf download everything….thankyou

  22. Hey vikram,

    Thanks a ton!! Brother. I have spent almost last 6 months and finally gave up due to this problem. Finally you resolved today.. Great job.. Thanks again.


  23. Dear Vikram,

    I would like to thanks a lot for helping me out on this problem. I have spent 3 months on it find a solution. finally solved today. Thanks a ton.


  24. Dear Vikram,

    I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for solving this problem. I had stuck on it for almost past 4-5 months. Thanks again.. Great Job !!!


  25. Dear Sir,

    Thanks a lot i was upset because i bye my android phone just because of use wifi but when i reach on home i saw wifi was not working and i tried two days to connect this but all time failed but now i am so happy just because of you Thanks thanks thanks 10000000 times

  26. If you access your router….add the MAC address of your cell phone to the router DNS allowed list. Then add your cell phone PIN to access your router. It should then connect your personal router/phone/internet together. Done.

      1. i have nexus 4 and have problem with wifi.. got it yesterday it shows full bars but the speed is extremely sloww!! please help me! plus there was no option of using static ip address on my nexus 4

  27. The solution provided by VIKRAM is really working for 4.0 and above. Thank you very much man, i will be obliged to you till the end

  28. Dis method was not working on android 4.0 n above.finaly i have found a solution to it..if u ppl wanna know d procedure,add my no on ur watsapp n i wil expalin it to u guys wid various screen shots..vikram 8809335555

  29. Come on guys!! It’s now 2013 and no one could help me fix this problem!!
    I’m getting connected but couldn’t have internet access!
    I’ve tried all of your solutions but none of ’em worked!!
    Please help!!!!

  30. I have samsung galaxy s7562.
    whenever i try to browse in my mobile using my laptop wifi,
    my laptop automatically crashes and a dumping physical memory error occur…

    please help……

  31. I tried every option listed on this page and nothing worked! It connects with full bars but no internet access, even when I use the info on the cmd>ipconfig method with DNS 1: and DNS 2: OR OR, I even tried with netmask/mask ifno from the cmd promp

  32. for those connected to wifi but internet not working
    confirm dns settings by from or visiting router homepage under config option

  33. i have a solution for those who gets connected but no access to the internet!
    first just follow the above procedure by using a static ip…then ur phone will say ur connected from wifi but there is no internet..just go to wifi settings again then go to advance option and uncheck the “use static ip” just uncheck it do not change any of the settings! i dont know why but i got access to internet but my wifi turns off every 5-6 mins…i got no solution to that but everytime it turns of just check and uncheck the “use static ip” again! hope that helps Lol 😛 p.s the name i used was my skype name add me! woot woot! ^_^

  34. it work. like it says i have wifi. but now i try and do somethin on the internet and it wont let me send anything or anything like that O.o

  35. I hav samsung galxy s Gt-19003 and today my phone got hanged and wen i reboot my phone the whole phone was automtcly formated this thing hapns 2-3 time first my phone stop wrking and then automaticly restart i dnt knw what hapn in myphone and knw wen i ‘m turning wifi in my phone its not conecting to the wirlesnetwrk i tried evry thing what you hav sugestd over bt no use. It shows conecting disconect and keep n scaning the wifinetwrk but do not conect to my home widi rootr. Plzzz help me our with this problm.

  36. For the benefit of people having problems, the entries suggested:
    IP address :





    This assumes your wifi address is which it commonly is, but not always, so check your router. Sometimes it is

    Also if you can connect to wifi but not the internet it might be a problem with the DNS server entries. I have never tried google servers but use opendns which is and and always reliable.
    Lastly as you are setting a fixed static address, check that it ( doesn’t conflict with another device connected to your wifi. No reason why you should’t use

  37. My phone Sony LY 22i (Xperia P) Android 4.0.4 has the same problem, there is no such thing in the ‘setting’ after updating from 2.3 to 4.0.4

  38. when i try to connect my phone (nokia lumia 510) with mhotspot wifi ,sometimes it connects and smoetimes it doesn’t , it say’s that” no response from the network” , can u please suggest me any solution.


  40. Both these fixes do not work for my Samsung galaxy S plus. I still get the silly “obtaining ip adress”. All my other stuff (iPad, laptop and desktop computer) link to my router without any problem, so the router seems to work OK. Does anyone have any other ideas??

  41. I LOVE YOUUUU! After an outage this morning, I can’t get any of my wireless devices to connect. At least my phone internet works. Now to figure out my laptop…

  42. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Mine is doing the same thing. Shows connected to home WiFi, but says no network connection when I try to open an app. To open an app I have to go to 3G; kind of defeates the purpose of having home wifi…
        How can I fix this?

  43. Mine did the same thing! I got connected to my home WiFi, but can’t get into any applications. Tried the WiFi Fix, but it doesn’t work either. Please HELP!!!

  44. Mine did the same thing! I’m connected to my home WiFi, however, I can’t get any applications to work. Tried the WiFi Fix, but it doesn’t work either. Please HELP!!!

  45. Hi,

    I recently bought a lenovo ideaPhone P700i and had the exact same issue. I spent 1 full day and tried all options on my modem (no security, WEP, WPA, WPA2) but it just wouldn’t obtain the IP address. The Lenovo phone could connect to another unsecured wifi network from my neighbour; also I was able to connect 2 laptops, tablet, my old BB phone to my router; so I just couldn’t pinpoint whether it was an issue was with the phone or the router. Finally this post saved me, its so simple. Thanks a lot. I am also posting your link on another forum discussing the same issue.



    1. hi can you help me to set my phone also… cannot connect to wifi… because it always put “obtaining IP address” im using same phone also….



  46. Hi i have used ure wifi method and it worked great THAAAAAAAANK UUUUUUUUU!!!! 🙂 altough now i have a problem with the internet i can not access any internet sites or anything to do wiv the internet, can not download new browser and it keeps coming up blank or i can not access the website 🙁

  47. brothers and sisters…….
    A very important solution which ive found is that may b all of us who are having this problem, are using AVG security, pls disable ur AVG firewall to enjoy internet………… and also donot forget to enable ur windows built in firewall……..

  48. Sooooo Amazingly frustrated!

    I tried this:
    IP address :





    But it didn’t work. So I tried this:

    IP address : – Mine was
    Gateway: – Mine was

    You can check this by going to command prompt – Start > enter cmd in the search bar. This will load up the command prompt window. Enter ipconfig and hit enter. This should load up a list of things. Look for Ip4 address (IP address) and Gateway. Make the necessary changes on your phone and should fix it (worked for me)

    But with my own Gateway and IP…

    I’ve seriously tried every tip on here that could apply to my phone and it STILL just says searching-connecting-disabled.

    I have a brand new router and everything else in my house connects to it great and this is a brand new phone. WHY doesn’t it work?!!

  49. For me is the same that for some people here.

    I can connect to the network but I don’t get internet.

    I’ve tried all suggestions, I can connect if I choose the wireless IP address like Gateway in my Mobile, but then Internet doesn’t work.

  50. For me it’s the same that for some people here.

    I’ve made every suggestions. I connect with my IP address like gateway and puting another IP, but Internet doesn’t work.

  51. Really your great my dear. my mobile is sony xperia ray. 2week i try to connet wifi but not connect. i my setting as per this website then connect my wifi. thank you so much my dear..

  52. I tried all setting, but when i select “Static IP”, the Save option disables and even doing all setting i am not able to save it, please help me figure out, thanks

      1. Guys a quick update for users who were able to connect to wifi but wernt able to access the internet. I had a same issue and got it fixed.

        All your need to do is change the below and enter the details for your internet.

        IP address : – Mine was
        Gateway: – Mine was

        You can check this by going to command prompt – Start > enter cmd in the search bar. This will load up the command prompt window. Enter ipconfig and hit enter. This should load up a list of things. Look for Ip4 address (IP address) and Gateway. Make the necessary changes on your phone and should fix it (worked for me)

        1. Thank you, Ryan. i finally got my phone to work with your instructions after playing around with it for several days.
          Thanks again, Beverly

  53. I don’t know how to thank u man.. I was so stressed due to wifi not working on my brand new Samsung galaxy s advance.. But inputting d new ip address did the trick.. I sincerely thank u from the core of my heart. Plz keep up d good work… May God bless u…

  54. I tried all share but it doesnt do anything. Gives an error message and closes down. Tried Wifi Fixer from googleplay. this extended the wifi duration to 30 minutes than the earlier 15 minutes but then got disconnected. i have a brand new galaxy nexus brought from the US to India. Its running android 4.0.4. Its been 2 days now and i am breaking my head over this wifi issue. i am not able to even download Jelly Bean Update.

    Please help me. Please.

  55. WHOO! :)) I finally figured it out. thanks guys. :)) first type cmd in the start menu, then type ipconfig. the ip add and the gateway # will show. then use for DNS 1 then 0.0.0. for dns 2 then voila!

  56. you dont seem to understand how ip works here. don think everyone has the same ip,
    one solid solution is here:
    when you are connected (occasionally)
    change to static then it will automatically fill those blanks.

  57. Hello, I just got a Samsung Galaxy Gio but trying the static IP did not work (also tried using the same IP as my computer and did not work??). Still having connection problems (never-ending cycle of scanning, connecting, disconnecting etc.)Please help!

  58. !!!!!!! i cannot use a static ip on my android 4.0.3 device, there is no option for me, the router’s connection just loops in three modes; “Avoided poor internet connection” “Obtaining ip address” “saved” it keeps looping the saved and ip address modes for a minute then disconnects saying im too far from the router when im 3 feet away i.e. “signal strength” POOR but im able to touch the router please help me
    i have a jxd s5110 4.0.3 android player

  59. Thanks so much, I had just tried Wifi Fixer program, but found that my Samsung Galaxy Ace would not go to sleep, as that program seemed to keep trying things just as it was about to snooze. I’ve uninstalled, and tried your static ip workaround which seems to be sweet so far…
    I also suspect Wifie Fixer was being affected by other programs – like Angry Birds, totally offline, I was getting a regular message from Wifi Fixer saying that it was offline – I guess this was every time Angry Birds tried to grab an online advertisement…

  60. Hi,
    I have tried everythink, no method turned out to be successful. I have figured out the following procedure:
    1. use the fixed IP procedure described above, i.e.
    IP address :

    after you notice that your unit is connected, but you cannot access the Internet, OVERWRITE the above input numbers with the real numbers.
    Gateway or Router address:
    DNS 1:
    DNS 2:

    This procedure worked fine on my Galaxy TAB GT-P1000 (Android 2.3) and on a GT-P6201 (Android 3.2)

    1. Sounds like it only works if you have the actually information ie IP address, Gateway address ect….what if you dont have this information because you are using free wifi hotspot?

      1. First of all: I really cannot help, since I am neither a Router, nor WiFi, nor Android expert.
        To get an IP is simple as soon as you find someone with a WIN computer who can access the Router: Type cmd in order to open a DOS window. The C:/ prompt is shown. Type ipconfig. Hit the RETURN Button

        My contacts on phone with SAMSUNG brought nothing. These ‘experts’ recommended to make a Hard Reset due to ‘non-compatible’ software. A Samsung recommended Repair Shop could not help either. Conclusion: Some WiFi Hotspots or routers cannot be accessed by my Samsung GT-P1000, GT-P6201, and Samsung Star*3 mobile phone, where my Samsung NC10Plus Netbook and my old Palm TX have no problems.

    2. the gateway is not always 192.168.1..etc it depends on on your router if your router is Aztec your Gateway is your IP should be or what so ever depends on how many computers are there connecting to your router or inter for each computer has its own IP..

      hope my comment help you!

  61. hi frnds i have samsung galaxy ace plus i have problem obtaining address during the wifi connect
    but i reset setitng than i have same problem when checking username availability in android welcome page setup plz plz frnd let me know any soluation pls thanks
    my mail id

  62. Brilliant, it only started doing this when i updated my wireless driver on laptop for ad-hoc networks.
    this worked a treat many thanks, not sure why its started doing it now???
    any thoughts. HTC HD2 desire

  63. This worked out for me:
    Changed the Authentication Type to WPA instead of WEP in the Wireless Settings of Router Configuration page.

    1. Same problem for me too,

      1.mhotspot connected with wifi as well as i can access the internet well but, that is for very short time only. then my wifi disconnected and again obtaining IP and connected again same problem

      2.But enabling static ip, I can connected with wifi long time until i disconnet but i cant access Internet

      Please help me i am using SONY ERICSSON Live Walkman WT19i


      1. Finally i have successfully connected with wifi. it does not disconnecting dear friends kindly do below mentioned

        IP address :

        (which is taken from mhotspot wirelss connection-2 properties my wireless ip is dont put same no (that means last no). so i have taken

        Gate Way :
        ( put same wireless connection IP adress only)

        Net Mask:
        DNS 1 :
        DNS 2 :

          1. open command prompt and type ipconfig to find out the ip address for the wifi. then,try messing around with the DNS. i usually used for DNS 1 and for DNS 2.

  64. The metod “static ip” work fine, the problem is that the ip of gateway isn´t in all cases.

    You only need to see, which is the ip address of the hotspot created by Mhotspot and choose and ip in the same range for your android device ” only change last numbers ”

    Example: If hotspot ip is, use this number how gateway on android and choose how static ip.

    To see this only click Start Hotspot and then go to details conection of new hotspot on Windows network center, its easy.

  65. I figured out a work around for this issue regarding wireless broadband. Before starting the hotspot:

    1. Turn on the connection and then deselect sharing in the connection settings.

    2. Turn off the connection.

    3. Reconnect

    4. Reselect sharing

    5. Disconnect again

    6. Reconnect

    7. Start the hotspot

    It should now work again.

    A real pain to have to do each time, but it works. It looks like the problem, at least with a wireless broadband card, is that Windows can’t save the connection details between sessions (user name and password) for these devices.

    Wifi Fixer does work but, for me at least, it screws up the connections at normal hotspots (keeps resetting them).

  66. ***SOLUTION for everyone:***

    Install Wifi Fixer from Play Store

    I had the sam problem, after set fix ip, I was able to connect to wifi, but pages didnt load. This program fixed it.

    1. How to install wifi fixer from play store if the problem is we cannot connect to internet via WIFI…is there a trick to overcome this problem…please share…

  67. solved with allshare workaround many thanks, for me works with 2 connections near only need to chose the net and wait allshare make the trick sorry for the bad English but i need to talk my experience if someone need a hand ;)many thanks.

  68. I too had the same prob,then i tried the app “wi-fi keep alive” ,,then after i never faced it again..!!!
    btw i’m using Xepia mini

  69. first time used work well, next i used didn’t recive data but wifi in my tablet android connected and in my browser tell problem loading
    my laptop firewall off, i setup again my mhotspot still stuck
    what should I do????????

  70. On my Galaxy S (2.3.5) both suggestions didn’t work, neither static IP nor the trick with Allshare. It is constant loop of connecting-disconnecting-searching. Well, at least this tiny program didn’t crashed my win7 system as I experienced with stupid Connectify, which after uninstalling it gave me a nice BSOD. Had to reinstall windows after that.

  71. I tried this solution. Got connected to net, but couldn’t run it on any software using it. Please find me a solution.

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