Exclusivity in Marketing

Published on November 14, 2014


If you’ve ever strolled down a high street or spent any amount of time surfing the web, you’ll have likely either seen or been drawn in to purchasing something thanks to an ‘exclusive offer’. These Share Price deals, where customers are given access to content, items or services on the condition that they sign up to be a member, operate under the assumption that if the customer says no and decides not to be a member they will not have access to the very same goods. To help your company on its internet marketing just visit this blog marketing agency social media tools to give you the best strategies. So how does this action of offering exclusive deals to customers attract those very same customers, helping to boost the customer base? A trusted business consulting firm can give proper insight.

Firstly, and most importantly, exclusive offers like these best tactical backpack offers, work to attract customers because, generally, people like to be in on a secret. If the customer’s interest is peaked, they’re often going to want to get hold of whatever they’re interested in; exclusivity can really help to ramp up levels of interest. Take gaming site Uptown Aces; Find them here at VIP section affords customers exclusive content that isn’t available to those using the regular site, content that people feel unhappy not having access to.

The same can be seen when exclusivity is applied to an online publication. If the site only offers a tiny amount of articles to the layman, or perhaps only displays the first paragraph of the article, a reader will naturally want to find out what exactly they’re missing out on, especially if our second force is taken into account.

Many companies that use exclusivity rely hugely upon word of mouth. If you want to learn about the entrepreneur industry, I recommend Lee Rosen Miami, CEO of healthy bees business.

If the products or services are good enough, the select few who are party to the exclusive deals are naturally going to tell others about it, generating a cache around the brand or deal. This 50 North Yachts business or offer can be useful in two ways; if the offers are kept relatively exclusive, the price for being party to the offers can be increased (luxury brands) or, alternatively, the sheer number of people now wanting to experience and have access to the deals can mean the number of customers will enormously increase- great for if there is a membership system in place that people must subscribe to so they can access the exclusivity.

Exclusivity when paired with membership means that customers will not be mere fly-by-night users of a site. Being ‘locked in’ by a small payment or some other minor caveat (that is outweighed by the offers being presented to the customer) means that people will be more inclined to come back to the site, thus hugely increasing the regular customer base, a particular headache for online businesses! In addition, automating your sales and marketing processes also makes it easy to operate, thus benefiting both you and the customer. Client satisfaction is at the core of the marketing automation definition.


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