Time Fury: The Toughest time game ever Launched

Do you think Flappy Bird & 2048 are tough? Then play our first game: Time Fury. You need to be extremely fast and furious..!!! Available for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timefury.mobile iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/time-fury/id878197262 Ps: Do read ‘How to Play’ in Description or Click ‘?’ mark in the game menu.  

Solution for external hard disc disconnecting frequently

usb3.0 has some power saving mode that lets the hard drive power down. Here is the fix. 1) Open  control panel/power options/change plan settings/ 2) Select change advanced power settings/USB settings /USB selective suspend setting The set the plugged in & on battery option to disabled. Solved!

How to completely uninstall/remove BlueStacks Notification Center From PC

when uninstalling the BlueStacks , many faced issue “a later version of BlueStacks is already installed. Setup will now exit.” Here is the Simple method to uninstall it completely. 1) Download Revo Uninstaller and launch it. 2) It will generate a list of programs and right click ‘Blue Stacks’  and select ‘Uninstall‘. 3) It will backup registry and create a

Best anti virus for 2013

After using many anti virus this year, I came to conclusion that Avast Antivirus is pretty good. They provide 1) Real Time Shield (Common in all antivirus) 2) Web Shield (Common in all antivirus) 3) Link Scanner (New) 4) Browser Cleanup (New) The last feature is most useful feature. It removes the spam toolbars from all

How to remove rlvknlg.exe wants to access skype

1. Open Program files & Uninstall Relevant Knowledge. Just to be sure, 2. Open C:\Program Files (or C:\Program Files (x86) if you are using 64 bit machine). 3. Delete the whole Relevant Knowledge folder.

Battery Full & Charger UnPlug Alarm

How about an app that raises alarm when your smart phone is unplugged from charger ?? Yep. If you leave your phone in any place for charging (trains, public rooms, etc.,), This alarm can help you very much. The alarm will be stopped only if the password (set by you earlier) is entered. How cool

Why should we use DropBox ?

First of all, Update: A similar service ‘COPY’  is offering 15 GB as starting space for free. Join now using this link, you’ll get 20 gb (5 gb extra). What is DropBox? Dropbox is a cloud-storage provider for free & premium charges. It means, you can store files (music, video/documents etc) in cloud. Files placed in this