Uses of mHotspot

1. Internet Sharing

mhotspot internet sharing

Firstly, the main use of mHotspot is to share a single internet connection for multiple devices. For instance, you are using ethernet or 3g data card for your laptop. If you want to use the same internet connection for your Wifi enabled mobile phone, download mhotspot and start the wifi hotspot.By searching for the newly ceated Wifi network, the device can connect to wifi and enjoy the internet of laptop.The devices might include laptops,iphones,android phones, other smartphones, tablet-pcs, PDAs, Wii, XboX or any other wifi device. Fully customizable Hotspot Name

2. Extend Wi-Fi Range

mhotspot use as a repeater

A laptop with mHotspot can act as a repeater.i.e., a laptop can increase the range of a wifi network by generating an additional wifi network as shown in the figure below.

3. Multiplayer Gaming

Yes, you can play multiplayer game without the hassle of LAN cables or Ethernet-HUBS. HOW?

1. Download mHotspot on any laptop and setup the hotspot with 'No Internet Sharing'.
2. Give the password to your friends, team so that they connect to the hotspot
3. Voila! You successfully created your own wireless network without LAN Cables or Wifi Router!!

4. Connect mobile to laptop

Here is an interesting task that be done with mHotspot. Create a hotspot and connect your android phone to the hotspot.
Now install AirDroid on your mobile and start the application. It will generate a url and password. Enter that details in any web browser.
Thats it! You can manage your phones' messages, contacts, pictures, videos, files, applications from the web browser in your laptop. Isn't that nice?
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