Why should we use DropBox ?

Published on July 21, 2013

First of all,

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What is DropBox?

Dropbox is a cloud-storage provider for free & premium charges. It means, you can store files (music, video/documents etc) in cloud.

Files placed in this folder also are accessible through a website, on your computer/laptop and  mobile phone through  applications.

Why to use DropBox?

To explain the use of DropBox I will give you my experience that happened last week.

As you know  I, Saikrishna is a web, windows & android apps developer. I have tons of important stuff to keep backup like my project files, source-codes etc. Unfortunately, my system crashed resulting in loss of data. But don’t worry, I usually take daily backups of my projects at end of the day into an external hard drive such as the stockage pour NAS ones.

But on that day, I realized ‘What if my external Drive drive also fails?’. Then I turned to the amazing Life saver DropBox.

DropBox helps us to keep files in sync with cloud in real time.


  1. First we need to create a drop box account from here: [Dropbox.com

](http://db.tt/smjPKiK) 2. Next, we should download the dropbox for windows and install it on our computer.

  1. Upon launching the dropbox application, we need to enter our dropbox account details.

  2. Finally choose the folders that should be synced into the cloud.

So, whatever changes you make in that folders, they will be uploaded into the dropbox cloud.


The most impressive feature of dropbox is that, you can access your stored files in several ways.

  1. Log into dropbox website.

  2. Download dropbox application into your smart phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian).

  3. You can also share a particular file or folder to others using link to that file/folder.

Don’t forgot that you need internet connection for dropbox to keep your files in sync.

So, why late? get started now. Happy dropboxing 😉 🙂

Link: DropBox

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