Type in android mobile using computer/laptop keyboard through Wifi











In phone:

  • Download the Wifi Keyboard app in your mobile.
  • Install the application&  go to Settings>Language & Keyboard.
  • Select the WiFi keyboard button
  •  Now go to Input Method and select the WiFi keyboard.
  •  Then launch the app and switch on your WiFi in your phone.
  • Note down the url shown on the app screen( ex:

    In Laptop:
  • Open any web browser(Chrome,Firefox,Opera etc) and type the url from the Wifi Keyboard app(ex:
  • Now a new webpage is shown in the browser and in the text box, you can start typing!
  • Is a great app for people who spend more time in the computer than in any mobile device, working or playing games while reading some OverWatch Guides to improve in such games.


  • Wifi Router or mHotspot(click to read how)
  • A web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc)

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