Fix for WiFi not starting Error in Android phones

Some of the times, the wifi won’t start in the android phone and an ‘Error’ is displayed.


now,Here is one powerful fix for this problem.

Dial *#*#526#*#*.Then a message will be shown “Driver loading Successful”.
Now Start the WiFi, it will work.

If the message “Driver Loading Unsuccessful” is shown, follow these steps:

1. Dial *#*#526#*#* again and click options button on your phone.
2. Select Rx test.
3. Select Channel >9 .
4. Click Start and exit.
5 . After some time, turn on the wifi.It should work.

Please leave your result.


  1. I have a lg marquee, it works really good. however, a few days ago i woke up and went to turn on my wifi and it failed to complete the action. It says… “turning on” then says.. “error” please help me find a solution to this issue if you can. i cant download any apps because, i have to be able to acess my wifi in order to download from google play. please help, if possible. thank you.:)

  2. i m having the same error. in my fon info there is no mac address given nor the bluetooth address given. is this gonna sorted out the same way? i have also rebooted the fon in frustration, and cant get the ftf file to make my fon working

  3. When I dial the *#*#* thingy, all I’m getting is “The number you have dialed
    cannot be completed as dialed”, etc. PICTURE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, am I missing something here???????????? Furthermore, no options appear to be selected!!!!!!!!!
    Also, the “wififix download” does nothing for me either. Obviously my issue is
    with NO WI-FI SIGNAL ON A SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2. I can’t believe I just sacraficed my iPhone & resorted to this phone.

  4. i have tried in karbonn A1 but the wifi error is not solved.
    When I type the above code ,it does not show any result so how to solve in KARBONN A1 mobile

  5. Mine’s a Droid Incredible. It didn’t show me a message but it does seem to have worked, at least on the first try. Thanks 🙂

  6. Ha meses estou com esse problema. Ja fiz TUDO que tinha pra fazer, reinstalei firmewere, digiteis esses codigos, restalrei para padrão de fabrica e NADA.
    Desistindo :/
    O jeito é comprar outro novo mesmo

  7. i tried what you said but it turns to show connection problem or invalid MMI code. please help me about this problem 🙁 thanks

  8. Hi… I tried your fix but it inadvertantly created a sigularity that has turned into a black hole swallowing up all matter that it comes in contact with… eventually it will devour the entire planet and obliterate all life as we know it… BTW, it did fix my wifi issue, so thanks for that at least! 🙂

  9. Help please. Impulse 4g, it won’t let me dial the code. My wifi still shows error, and my bluetooth wont work. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

  10. why that my tmobile prism doesnt work to fix my wifi. . my android version is 2.3.6.. please help me to fix my wifi

  11. Hi All,

    I am also facing same problem with my new Samsung Ace Plus.
    It worked in Service Center and was obtaining IP address.

    But it did not work at my place. I am able to connect to Ipad and Laptop with the Wifi I have set up.

    Please help me. I have tried all the ways listed above.

    Thanks in advance!

  12. I do follow your instruction, but still cant..
    It happen after i root my galaxy sl, do you have another solution?

  13. in first time i use work fine, in next i used it my tablet android connected but didn’t recive data, in my browser say “problem loading”
    can u help what wrong is?

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